Social media advertising

Yes, you can get high quality leads from social media.

– Advertising management from £1,500

Even the most corporate clients can benefit from advertising on social media. LinkedIn might be a given, but platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be incredibly useful too.

Sumner & Co. has years of experience leveraging social platforms to drive brand awareness and enquiries for real estate, financial services and professional services firms around the world.

We take care of everything required for a successful outcome including research, setup, campaign and audience build, advertising copy and creative design.

Talk to us today to get the most out of your social media advertising strategy.


Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram share an advertising platform which allows you to easily target a very specific audience, anywhere in the world. Our clients have enjoyed huge success utilising these channels, with thousands of leads being generated each and every month.



If you’re in the professional world, then you need to be on LinkedIn. We help you get the most out of the platform with the use of image and video advertising, sponsored content and direct InMail campaigns. Speak to us to find out which LinkedIn advertising method will work best for your business.


Social media management

Alongside your paid advertising efforts, we are able to manage your social media accounts on your behalf. This service works closely with our content team to ensure that organically targeted posts are relevant, engaging and aligned with your wider business and marketing strategy, whilst supporting and giving extra credit to your advertising.

Other services


Who we work with.

Unfortunately we can’t work with everybody. We are a small team, so we limit the number of clients we partner with to ensure that each and every client gets the focus they need to deliver lasting results.

To ensure we deliver only the best experience to our clients, we prefer to work with businesses whose industries align with our team’s experience and expertise.

Developers, surveyors,  sales and rental agencies, management firms, contractors, investment companies, consultancies

Financial advisers, wealth managers, investment companies, lenders, asset managers, insurance firms, auditors, private equity, M&A

Law firms, accountants, recruitment agencies, management consultants, education providers, healthcare facilities 

We don’t just work with companies. If you’re an individual working within one of these sectors, we can help you too.