Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get a tailored SEO strategy to help you win more business.

– Website audits from £500

– Monthly retainers from £1,500

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not something to be ignored. At Sumner & Co., it’s the first thing we advise our clients to consider – before we even start building their websites.

With a carefully researched SEO strategy, you’ll gain insights into what your customers are actually searching for, alongside a measurable long-term plan to ensure your website appears in front of them.

Our SEO clients can expect tangible results including climbing search rankings, increased organic traffic and a notable rise in enquiry levels. We provide a complete service to our SEO clients, detailed below.


Keyword research

Discover what people are actually searching for and how many people are looking for your products and services within your target markets. The results of this research will form the backbone of your SEO strategy.


Content creation

Our experienced writers craft original, thought-provoking content that is highly relevant to your target search terms and audiences. This will help to give you the best possible chance at appearing in front of your target clients in search results.


On-page optimisation​

It’s not just the content you see on a page that’s important. We make sure that each and every page on your website is properly optimised with the right keywords, technical settings and correct setup behind the scenes.


PR & media outreach

Utilising both existing and new content, part of our SEO service includes building a digital presence outside of your own website. We do this through digital PR pitches, media outreach and working with journalists from around the world.


Link building

A high quality link is Google’s version of a ‘like’ so the more you have, the better. We actively build quality links to your website through our PR and media outreach strategies as well as continuous monitoring for new links and brand mentions.


Technical maintenance

We run regular website health checks and audits to ensure your site is always up-to-date and performing optimally. Our preventative approach to maintenance means you can rest assured that your site will always be available and performing optimally, for your customers and Google alike.

Other services


Who we work with.

Unfortunately we can’t work with everybody. We are a small team, so we limit the number of clients we partner with to ensure that each and every client gets the focus they need to deliver lasting results.

To ensure we deliver only the best experience to our clients, we prefer to work with businesses whose industries align with our team’s experience and expertise.

Developers, surveyors,  sales and rental agencies, management firms, contractors, investment companies, consultancies

Financial advisers, wealth managers, investment companies, lenders, asset managers, insurance firms, auditors, private equity, M&A

Law firms, accountants, recruitment agencies, management consultants, education providers, healthcare facilities 

We don’t just work with companies. If you’re an individual working within one of these sectors, we can help you too.