Marketing strategy

Know where you're heading and get a marketing strategy that tells you exactly how to get there.

– Consultations from £250
– Strategies from £500

It’s all too often that we see small businesses jumping into their marketing efforts without a strategy in place.


Real estate developers using Instagram. Financial advisers posting on Facebook. Property agents listing units on LinkedIn. Consultants dancing on TikTok. We’re not saying that any of this is wrong, but we need to put more thought into why we do what we do.


There are a million things you could do with your marketing budget, your content, and your time, but there aren’t a million things that will work to make you money.


By working with us on your marketing strategy and leveraging our wealth of corporate experience, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about what will and won’t work for your business, as well as the most efficient way to allocate your budget for maximum ROI.


Our marketing strategies cover all channels, highlighted in further detail below.


Lead generation strategies

We’ll help you come up with the best marketing mix to generate the type of leads your business needs. Whether that’s direct enquiries, mailing list sign-ups or a strategic approach to building a bigger database, Sumner & Co. can help.


Website & SEO strategies

Your website can look great and sound great, but without a solid SEO and conversion strategy behind it, it’s not going to perform. You should be able to rely on your website to generate leads. We’re here to make that happen.


Advertising strategies

From Google Ads and Facebook, to Instagram and LinkedIn – your adverts need a strategy behind them. Make sure you’re placing the right ads, in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right way – AND on the right platform. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start, but that’s where we can help.


Content strategies

So many businesses churn out content on a daily basis because it’s what they think their audience wants. We conduct in depth research before any content is written to make sure that nothing is ever produced in vain. We’ll make sure every piece of content you produce has a tangible reason for doing so. Make your content production smart, not hard.


Social media strategies

Post once a day and throw on a few hashtags just doesn’t cut it anymore. We make sure your social media channels are working coherently alongside your website and wider content strategy to support your overall business goals – as well as looking great, of course.


Database & CRM strategies

Your database is one of your most valuable assets and when treated correctly, can be a free source of new and repeat business for years to come. Sumner & Co. is highly experienced in growing, nurturing and generating revenue from customer databases and mailing lists, through the use of email marketing, social media and tele-sales prospecting.

Other services


Who we work with.

Unfortunately we can’t work with everybody. We are a small team, so we limit the number of clients we partner with to ensure that each and every client gets the focus they need to deliver lasting results.

To ensure we deliver only the best experience to our clients, we prefer to work with businesses whose industries align with our team’s experience and expertise.

Developers, surveyors,  sales and rental agencies, management firms, contractors, investment companies, consultancies

Financial advisers, wealth managers, investment companies, lenders, asset managers, insurance firms, auditors, private equity, M&A

Law firms, accountants, recruitment agencies, management consultants, education providers, healthcare facilities 

We don’t just work with companies. If you’re an individual working within one of these sectors, we can help you too.