Branding & design

Project the right image with a clean and modern brand.

– Logos and branding from £500
– Brochures from £1,000

Do small businesses need a brand? They do if they don’t want to stay small.

The way you look is imperative to set you apart from your competition and instill trust in your audience. We’ll work with you to find the meeting point between your values, your offering, and what your customers want – and create a brand or asset that’s placed right in the middle, in the most relevant and memorable way possible. You’ll get clean and distinctive designs that impress your customers time and time again.

For a full list of our branding and design services, see below.


Logos & branding

Our branding packages are so much more than just a logo. Yes, you’ll get fonts, colours and style guides too, but you’ll also get your story, your values, and your future – all rolled into one. You’ll instantly look (and feel) bigger, more professional and prouder of your brand than ever before.


Website design

We know exactly how to create a professional website design that not only looks impressive, but is focused on your clients’ experience and ultimately, generating enquiries. We’ll give you a high-performing website design that clearly, concisely and creatively showcases the best bits of your business.


Brochures & assets

That company profile you send to new clients when they enquire? It needs to impress. The product fact sheet you send when you’re trying to close a deal? It needs to impress. The corporate brochure on display in your office reception? It all needs to impress. Don’t let this crucial part of your sales process let you down – we can help you to impress.


Social media posts

Consistency is key when it comes to branding, particularly in the age of social media. You want your business to be represented in the right way across each of your social platforms. Your posts should be instantly recognisable, engaging, and consistent with your image and values. We’re here to make sure that happens.



If you’re paying for advertising,  whether on social media, a website, in a magazine or even a roadside billboard, a strong and compelling design is a non-negotiable when it comes to success. We will make sure your brand is prominent, your message is heard and your call to action is clear so that every penny, dirham and cent of advertising budget counts.


Emails & landing pages

You’ve spent time and money building your database and getting traffic to your landing pages, so don’t allow poor designs and sub-optimal user experience to let you down. Sumner & Co. have years of experience designing highly effective email campaigns and landing pages that convert opens into clicks, and clicks into all-important enquiries.

Other services


Who we work with.

Unfortunately we can’t work with everybody. We are a small team, so we limit the number of clients we partner with to ensure that each and every client gets the focus they need to deliver lasting results.

To ensure we deliver only the best experience to our clients, we prefer to work with businesses whose industries align with our team’s experience and expertise.

Developers, surveyors,  sales and rental agencies, management firms, contractors, investment companies, consultancies

Financial advisers, wealth managers, investment companies, lenders, asset managers, insurance firms, auditors, private equity, M&A

Law firms, accountants, recruitment agencies, management consultants, education providers, healthcare facilities 

We don’t just work with companies. If you’re an individual working within one of these sectors, we can help you too.