5 free things you can do to market your business

1. Get people on your website

Website visitors turn into paying customers. Make sure your website is capturing traffic from people who are searching for what you offer. Optimising your website for searches and produce high quality content that¬† answers your audience’s questions and Google will love you for it. Read more about it on our SEO page.

2. Use LinkedIn properly

Share content. Use LinkedIn to showcase yourself and your business regularly to build awareness among your network and generate enquiries from those looking for your products or services. If you consistently invest time and effort into LinkedIn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of organic enquiries that come your way.

3. Communicate with your database

Stay in touch with your contacts and previous enquiries. People’s business plans change, new projects are always being launched and referrals are often needed. By regularly keeping in contact with your database via email marketing or similar, you will always be front of mind.

4. Produce good content

Share content that will help your audience. Provide value and insight that really showcases your expertise. Help people with your knowledge (for free) and you’ll be repaid tenfold down the line. If you don’t know what good content looks like, this can be advice articles, guides, whitepapers, or simply well-thought-out social media posts. Read more on our content page.

5. Share success stories

Shout about your wins. Share your client success stories. Show people what they are missing by NOT working with you. Nobody wants to experience the fear of missing out so if you’re out there doing a great job, getting results for your clients and improving people’s businesses and lives – you should be talking about it.

Start now and reap the benefits in 2023

If you’re not sure where or how to start with your marketing, get in touch and we’ll help to point you in the right direction.

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